Why do people bother purchasing rugs from the Middle East? It is known worldwide that Afghan rugs are genuinely charming but are also expensive. The smallest rugs and probably the cheapest that you can find, can cost as much as $300. That’s still a lot of money.

These rugs will add vibrant accents to your home. Usually, they are colored and tinged with vegetable and natural dyes, which make the rug vulnerable to strong cleaning solutions. These rugs are seldom made from machines. Most of them are crafted from the hands of Afghan peasants who sell their finished products to dealers who export them for high prices later on.

That fact is, sadly, unchangeable. However, what is constant is the idea of having these rugs placed inside a home filled with busy people and kids running about. A typical day would be where the parents are hurrying up to get to work and the children are rushing about to get to school on time. Naturally, the house is left in such a mess you wouldn’t even know where to begin cleaning up.

Yes, you can take care of the house. But, what about the rugs? The easiest and most comfortable way to deal with such challenges is to have a carpet and rug cleaner take care of your high-priced rugs.

Yet, can you just trust anybody? The common mistake anyone can make is to dial the first number they see on the directory. That’s not a good practice.

What should you do?

Call ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaners!

We’re probably be the first in the directory list anyway. But nevertheless, when you teach your children the alphabet or the ABC’s, you take such pride when they write their first words. ABC’s are the backbone of every sentence that you make.

And so are we. ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaners have been in this industry for over 2 decades now. You can say we are a backbone to the cleaning business.

Expertise in Afghan Rug Cleaning

  • 1. Addressing liquid spills and stains. Some old folks believe that in Afghan rug cleaning, you can just take out the aged rug outside the snow and beat it with a rake or something. This is funny but some people do try this at home though. At ABC, we don’t beat up your rugs. We use rug-friendly and health-friendly solutions to take out even the most embedded stains and dirt.
  • 2. Rule of the thumb. It is not known to the general public but, to us carpet cleaners we recommend the rule of the thumb. This means that Afghan rug cleaning must be done every 2 years, to say the least. In doing so, this prevents too much toll on your rug brought about by years of decrement.
  • 3. Carpet care tips. As the saying goes, “don’t shake a good oriental rug”. That’s one advice we can give you in caring for your precious Afghan rugs. Among other things, these priceless rugs must be handled by professionals to prolong and preserve its beauty.

Choose ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaning for 5 Star Rug Cleaning Services

To know more about our services and the things we do in Afghan rug cleaning, pick up the phone and dial 1-888-829-7072. Why?

  • 1. So we can take care of your treasured rugs.
  • 2. So we provide you with pointers in caring for your rugs.
  • 3. So you can save your time, money and effort.
  • 4. So you can enjoy once more the beauty of your Afghan rugs.