A silk rug is one of the strongest, most hard to find rugs in the world. One of the most fascinating aspects of purchasing such rugs is discovering the meaning behind every woven design. Sometimes they tell a story of a battle, superstitions, religion and even tragic love stories.

These rugs are made from a cocoon of silk worms. They are processed to form single fibers and are then spun into thread or silk yarns. These are only some of the important facts that make a silk rug stand out among other types of rugs.

Well, just by reading the description of a silk rug, can you tell whether it’s cheap or expensive? A lot of people are fond of collecting such things so they can add a bit of history and culture inside their home.

But wait. What about keeping them clean? Surely these magnificent rugs are also vulnerable to ravages over time, right?

Why was ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaners Created?

First and foremost, silk rug cleaning must not be left in the hands of inexperienced cleaners. These services must be done by professional specialists with years of experience on this type of material. Silk, like other precious fabrics could easily be tarnished by strong detergents or incessant brushing.

ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaners have both – years of experience and experts who can take care of your precious rugs. With these advantages up our sleeves, you can understand why we are a household name in 9 out of 10 American homes.

What You Need from Us?

We know why some people are reluctant in hiring rug and carpet cleaners. They probably may have had previous negative experiences with such cleaners. With ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaners, we don’t just say these things to market our company – we say it because we mean it.

You need us because:

  1. We can provide a delicate silk rug cleaning. Upon recognizing the value for silk rugs a long time ago, we have devised a different method in cleaning them. The most soft and non-corrosive cleaning solutions are used, so as not to damage and ruin the designs of these very expensive rugs.
  2. We know how difficult it is to worry about your health. It is not a public knowledge that carpet cleaning solutions have harmful residuals that can vaporize and can cause sickness. Frankly speaking, our company has dealt with this issue a long time ago. We have stopped using harmful cleaning agents so that you can benefit more from the cleaning job that we offer.

Still Adamant?

We understand how difficult it is to just believe something you read off a website. However, our long lists of satisfied clients only prove our claims:

  • 1. We provide an intensive cleaning service.
  • 2. We give out loads of discounts for the cleaning services that we offer.
  • 3. We are never late for an appointment.
  • 4. We understand your family’s health concerns.
  • 5. We know what’s best for your home and your rugs.

And best of all – we can give you a weekend off your worries. Dial 1-888-829-7072 and call ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaners.