The best way to keep your rugs clean is to keep it from getting dirty. This is, by the way, impossible since a rug’s main purpose is to get wiped on by wet and dirty feet, slippers, etc. Sometimes people use these oriental rugs to add accent to floors mainly because of their beautifully unique and high-end designs.

Yes, you can prevent dirt, stain and grime from getting stuck in your most precious rugs. But can you ask a guest not to rub his shoes on the rug? Or can you ask you mother-in-law’s Jack Russell not to pee on it? You wouldn’t want your visitors to think that you’re too obsessive-compulsive, right?

It is inevitable that these expensive rugs can get dirty at some point. This is mainly why a lot of carpet cleaners have included basic rug services and Oriental rug cleaning to the services they offer. But the question is, who can you trust with such an expensive rug?

Why ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaners?

ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaners is a pioneer in the Oriental rug cleaning business. Since its development in 1990, cleaning and restoring rugs and carpets has been its forte. It is trusted by many generations not only because it’s not new to the industry, but because ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaners is an established business owned by an experienced cleaning technician. They understand every individual needs of your family and can deliver services for you in a heartbeat.

Does Your Oriental Rug Need an Overhaul?

If your answer is yes, then read on:

  • 1. Rug assessment. Upon calling us, we provide you with a free visit and estimate. Our highly experienced cleaning specialists will diagnose what type of cleaning method is needed and the essential steps to cover and restore your rug’s original appearance.
  • 2. Rug intervention. We provide a variety of services that will suit your comfort and your needs as well. You can even opt to avail of our green cleaning services. This is a process wherein natural ingredients are used to clean your rugs from unwanted elements such as filth, smudge and different types of bacteria.
  • 3. Price negotiation. We understand if your budget is tight. We know how it is to live in an economy so bad, you’ll even think twice in calling us. ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaners provide you with the most extensive discount offers in this state.
  • 4. Customer satisfaction. Once we’re done cleaning your rugs, you can be assured of a spotless, good as new Oriental rug. We have a timely delivery schedule as well. We won’t keep you waiting.

These are the steps that we undertake to convey the proper care for your priceless Oriental rugs.

Are You Convinced Yet?

Surely you can clean the rugs by yourself. But will you risk ruining it just to save a few dollars from hiring professional cleaning services? You can never tell if we’re worth your money or not, unless you’ve tried.