Rugs, particularly wool rugs, instantly add prestige and warmth to any room or hall. People oftentimes invest in pricey rugs, not only for its function but also because of its intricate designs and its vibrant overall effect on the household.

However, wool rug cleaning may be a pesky job. Of all types of rugs, those made of wool are the hardest to maintain, especially those with delicate tassels and designs embroidered on them. As these wool rugs are expensive, you surely don’t want to ruin it just because of improper cleaning and maintenance.

Wool rugs need to be cleaned regularly, as dust and dirt easily cling to their fabrics. Wool rugs are also vulnerable to various kinds of damages, including spots and stains from parties and gatherings.

There are special ways to clean and maintain the beauty of your prestigious rugs. To avoid inflicting further damage, you need to contact a professional rug cleaning service. And when it comes to expert rug cleaning, there’s only one name you can trust – ABC Rug and Carpet Care, the leading wool rug cleaning NYC service.

High-Quality Cleaning Process

Once we pick up your wool rug, it goes straight to our rug cleaning factory to undergo our state-of-the-art cleaning process:

  • The process begins with a specialized vacuum that is designed to suck only excess dirt and unwanted loose particles from the wool rug, leaving the fine wool fibers intact. Our experienced staff is trained to avoid damage on your wool rugs, and as such, special attention is given to rugs with tassels and designs on fringes, which are usually the first to be damaged by inexperienced rug cleaners. In ABC Rug and Carpet Care, we fluff fringes and tassels by hand to avoid such damage.
  • Next, we apply our nontoxic rug sprays that are designed to remove pesky spots and stains from your wool rug without ruining its fibers or make the colors and dyes of the rug bleed. All of our cleaning solutions are biodegradable and don’t leave any harmful residue that can cause allergies after cleaning.

After successfully removing all loose dirt and stains, the wool rug undergoes a customized cleaning method. When looking for trustworthy rug cleaners, it is important to ask what their rug cleaning process is. Other companies employ “oxygen cleaners” and “dry powder solutions” that are actually harmful to your wool rug’s fabric. At ABC Rug and Carpet Care, we know what method to use with every type of rug. We offer various rug cleaning methods, but we only recommend two methods for rugs made of wool:

  • Steam cleaning – This is the most effective method as it effectively cleans your wool rug with an advanced vapor steam technology that vigorously removes all dirt down to the molecular level, leaving the wool rug clean and disinfected.
  • Dry foam method – This is most suitable for highly-sensitive wool rugs with fabrics that easily shed off upon touch. This method utilizes concentrated detergent foam that is applied on the rug, which is then vacuumed off after drying, effectively removing all the dirt and grime in one go.

Service You Can Trust

ABC Rug and Carpet Care is not just any other run-off-the-mill rug cleaning service. We’re totally different from other cleaning companies that are sprouting around everywhere these days. Established in 1990, ABC Rug and Carpet Care has 20 years of experience in professional rug and carpet cleaning trusted by New Yorkers far and wide.

Our cleaning services have been accredited by both the IIRC and the Better Business Bureau. ABC Rug and Carpet Care also has a green seal certification, ensuring that all of our products and services are environment-friendly.

With over two decades of experience in removing tough stains while ensuring the safety of your rugs, only ABC Rug and Carpet Care can deliver the best service at the most affordable price. Call us now for all your wool rug cleaning problems, and we’ll give your rug the cleaning service that it deserves.