Persian rugs and carpets are known to be as one of the most sought after rugs in the world. These hand-woven crafts are made in Iran and are exported all over the world. The prices for these magnificent creations greatly depend on the size, quality, age, materials and the number of knots.

Just by considering those factors mentioned, a Persian rug does indeed sound expensive. It can lay beautifully on your living room or even your bedroom for years. But think about this: Persian rugs can stand the test of time. However, even the most expensive of carpets are not invulnerable to stain, dusts and grime.

Would you trust the cleaning of these priceless rugs to just any cleaner? Choosing the right Persian rug cleaning company can be a challenge. It’s true that there are a lot of cleaners in the market now, but there is only a handful that is worth trusting.

Why should you hire ABC Rug and Carpet Care?

With over 20 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry, we can tell the difference between machine-made rugs and handcrafted Persian rugs. Carefully choosing the right cleaning solutions for these most valued rugs is done in order to preserve its beauty and uniqueness. ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaners provide personalized care in handling Persian rugs – so your rugs are in the safe hands.

What we offer?

A lot of Americans are very enticed on how the Persian rugs are made. Its spell captivates many, which is why we made it a point to develop specialized measures for your most prized rugs. Below is a list of our comprehensive cleaning services:

  • 1. Exclusive rug cleaning factory. We have our very own factory that creates our trademarked solutions, cleaning agents, and machines essential in providing with you with a swift cleaning job.
  • 2. Health and environmental friendly solutions. Your health and safety is of the utmost importance, which is why the ingredients that are mixed in our cleaning solutions are health-friendly. You can be assured that there are no residual vapors in the air or on the rug itself after the cleaning process.
  • 3. Coupons downloadable from the website. Unlike other companies, we have made it a point to provide you with an easy access of coupons from our website. Endless discount offers are available for as high as 15% off all Persian rug cleaning services.
  • 4. Round-the-clock cleaning. We provide you with rug cleaning services at your most convenient date and time. You can be assured of a timely delivery from our highly specialized cleaning experts at your doorstep.

Is it worth your dollar?

We understand that you may still be reluctant of having someone cleaning your Persian rugs but ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaners promises you these things for our Persian rug cleaning:

  • 1. Highly rated rug restoration service
  • 2. Licensed by the IIRC and accredited by the BBB
  • 3. A green seal certification
  • 4. Top of the line quality service
  • 5. A health-friendly cleaning solution

It’s better to have professionals handle a Persian rug rather than do it yourself. Don’t risk damaging your beautiful Persian rugs.

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