Handmade rugs are something else. They’re nothing like synthetic and mass produced rugs! They are so beautiful, unique and distinct that they can really brighten up any room you choose to put them to. Handmade rugs are also very valuable commodities, they are not mass produced, and so it is pretty much safe to assume that someone painstakingly worked for months on end to produce a work of art that can be displayed in your home.

For this reason, it is not unusual that handmade rugs are pricier than their machine made counterparts. It is the quality, and the artist skill that the buyers are paying for. However, despite their hefty price tags, handmade rugs do get soiled and dirty. If you are a practical homeowner, then it would make sense for you to protect your investment. So, how do you make sure that your handmade rug gets the cleaning that it deserves?

The Perfect Cleaning Solution

If you want handmade rug cleaning done right, get the best cleaning by ABC Rug and Carpet Care. Our cleaning technicians are adept at handling handmade rugs. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, ABC Rug and Carpet Care actually offer their customers an exclusive handmade rug cleaning service. Their 20 years of experience assure each customer that they have handled and cleaned their fair share of handmade rugs.

What’s great with ABC Rug and Carpet Care is that they fully understand how handmade rugs are made, and thus are more aware of how fragile it is compared to other rugs.

Handmade rugs need to be properly cleaned in order to maintain their original look. To accomplish that, ABC Rug and Carpet care make sure to use the most sensitive and high quality cleaning products and methods. They see to it that when they are cleaning your handmade rug, they are not stripping it of its color or detail.

Another thing that ABC Rug and Carpet Care can vouch for are their very talented rug and carpet experts. The people that work under ABC have undergone the best training on how to care for different kinds of rugs, so that in turn, they can give you the best service. Our customers have the peace of mind, knowing that our technicians what they are doing, and that they would never do anything to compromise the condition and quality of your handmade rug!

Why You Choose ABC Rug and Carpet Care

When you make the decision to trust ABC Rug and Carpet Care, you know that your handmade rug is in very good hands. You are protecting your pricey investment. Not only that, you skip the hassle of trying to clean your handmade rug on your own. Think of the time and the effort that you can save! You can just go on with your day and know that when you receive it, your handmade rug will be as good as new.

Other companies may offer supposedly cheaper rates but not every rug company out there can compare with the experience and expertise that ABC Rug and Carpet Cleaners has. Should you need help with any handmade rug cleaning problems, trust that ABC Rug and Carpet Care is just a phone call away!